WTA Tennis Players to Watch in 2021

Tennis is a sport full of surprises and unpredictable events. Tournaments bring out the best performances from tennis players. WTA in 2021 will bring the best female tennis players on top. Depending on their evolution and points scored in every game they play, players can easily get on top places or move down on the WTA board. Everyone is used with hearing already famous names occupying first places and winning all important tournaments.

Here is a list of 5 names with potential for WTA in 2021:

  • Iga Swiatek is currently on 17th place in the WTA. She is a promising presence on the field. She has made herself noticed at the French Open tournament. Iga has managed to beat Simona Halep as well, the former number one in WTA top. In addition, Iga’s game has been impressive and nobody has seemed to handle her powerful strike. She will definitely come back stronger this season and have remarkable results.
  • Coco Gauff, currently the number 48 in women’s top, is a young talent aged only 17. She can enter all important tournaments and compete for points and a higher ranking. Moreover, she has been on the rise and will clearly make it to top 20. Coco is dedicating full time and attention to her career as a professional which proves how ambitious and willing to make it to the top she is.
  • Leyla Fernandez takes at the moment the 88th place in WTA. She has had impressive results in 2020. She has managed to reach the final of Mexican Open, the second round of US Open and the third round of French Open. Leyla, aged only 18, is a tough competitor and promising talent for the future. Her performance is expected to increase in 2021. Through work and consistency, she can easily make her way up in top 20 and prove what she is capable of.

wta in 2021

Tennis is a competitive sport

  • Marta Kostyuk is a Ukrainian young talent currently on 99th She has made it all the way on the third round at the US Open at only 18 years old. There she has faced Naomi Osaka. However, this has not scared her and gave Osaka a game to remember. Although she has lost in the end, she has showed incredible strength and athletic spirit. Marta is a promising presence who can make it to top 50 through hard work and competitiveness.
  • Daria Kasatkina has been on the radar for a longer while. She is currently on 71st place in WTA. She has managed to get attention few years back when she reached two Grand Slam finals and Indian Wells’ final. However, her performance in 2019 and 2020 has not been as expected. Given her talent and abilities, she can make a comeback and get back in top 20.

The WTA in 2021 will most likely change, with tennis players switching places, depending on their performance and points scored. Best female players will definitely push hard to maintain their position and new young talents will work continuously for a better scoring and a better place in the WTA top.

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