Will Lewis Hamilton leave Mercedes in 2022?

When you say Lewis Hamilton, you also say Mercedes. The seven-time champion always ends up on the podium and manages to collect points. Team principal at Mercedes, Toto Wolf, hopes to keep Hamilton for another year and manage another great performance together. All the delay that happened at the beginning of the year, regarding British driver’s contract, has led to many rumors and suppositions. Therefore, officials at Mercedes try to avoid the same situation and have a clear line-up of the next season.

They have had a great start and they say they are on the run for the eighth championship title. The pressure is high as there are many young talents that aim for the same performance and get closer to the podium with every race. Hamilton has a good start so far this season and the team pressure increases with every race. Alongside Valtteri Bottas, the two drivers are on the run for points to make their team leader on the board and win Constructor of the Season award once again.

lewis hamilton

However, Hamilton has no response yet or statement regarding his time with Mercedes. The driver chooses to focus on this season and take some time to think about what the future holds. Still, Mercedes representatives hopes for a future together and share more great moments together. The journey they have had so far- Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton- is a more than successful one, with record breaking milestones. The only certain thing so far is about Valtteri Bottas and his future with the team.

What will Lewis Hamilton do in 2022?

No decision yet and rumors are already in place. One of them relates to young talents George Russell and Max Verstappen. According to a statement made during a press release, McLaren Racing CEO has said it is possible to see the drivers joining Mercedes in the close future. He describes them as a young and fresh image for the Silver Arrow team. However, no one has any official information related to this subject nor has it been developed any further.

Their performances put them on display to other teams that may be interested to approach them with a deal. George Russell has had previous experiences with Mercedes car and has proven he is capable of so much more. Still, it is nothing confirmed about it as the season goes on with more races on the schedule.

Lewis Hamilton aims to take advantage of the next race at Imola and get more points that will lead him to his eighth title. He will keep an eye on Max Verstappen as well, as the young Dutch driver gives his best with every race and gets closer to the Mercedes representative.

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