Who Will Replace Angela Merkel?

Angela Merkel is a European emblem of democracy and stability. She is the chancellor of Germany and has led the country for four terms consecutively. She is one the most admired and respected female rulers in the world. Through all her actions and decisions, she has built an economically stable country and an important member of the European Union.

angela merkel

Merkel is part of the conservative party. She is a strong representative and many are afraid of going to election without her leading them. However, she rules out running for a fifth term and relies on her party to choose a capable member to represent them. Lately, due to the chaos created by the pandemic, the conservative party has dropped in polls and electors’ preferences.

The battle for who replaces Merkel once her term is over, goes between Armin Laschet and Markus Soeder. They are both able of great things and have the experience it takes to run Germany towards a great future. Laschet is the leader of Christian Democrats Union (CDU), same party as Angela Merkel’s. Whereas Markus Soeder is part of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavarian sister party of CDU. Both parties will have to join in a meeting and have a common decision regarding the person who will represent them for the election.

The successor of Angela Merkel

Laschet, aged 60, has always been regarded as Merkel’s continuity candidate. However, the also have disagreements especially in terms of pandemic restrictions. He is the premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, the state with the highest population in Germany. He sometimes tends to be chaotic in handling emergency situations like the pandemic, and this costs him his popularity.

On the other side, Soeder, aged 54 and leader of CSU has chosen to side with Merkel during pandemic and all restrictions imposed. He is premier of German region, Bavaria. Also, he used to train as a lawyer and has experience as a journalist as well. He calls to media as a helper to spread his message and appeal to public and voters. Soeder uses his involvement in the COVID-19 campaign as an advantage to get more votes and support.

Everyone expects a decision before the end of May. However, members of the conservative parties say they hope for a decision sooner in order to avoid all uncertainty. Parliament majority calls for the two parties to come with the name of the representative as soon as possible. Elections are scheduled to happen in September. Therefore, the conservative name of the candidate running for chancellorship is highly expected.

Angela Merkel will make sure whoever succeeds her will be as efficient as she has been. She will pass on her knowledge and advice and will show support towards anyone who replaces her.

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