Romanian movies awarded at 2021 Sofia International Film Festival

“Uppercase Print” and “My home” are the Romanian movies awarded at the 2021 Sofia International Film Festival. The ceremony of the 25th edition of the Sofia International Film Festival took place on March 20th. It presented 134 films from 53 countries.

Radu Jude’s “Uppercase Print” won at the 2021 Sofia International Film Festival

Radu Jude’s movie received an award from the Bulgarian Guild of Film Critics. The Balkan competition appreciated the long film.

In short, the movie tells the story of a true political movement back in the 1980s. Here, a Romanian teenager, Mugur Calinescu, wrote protest slogans on walls against the regime of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Consequently, the secret police from Romania, “Securitate”, apprehended, interrogated, and then murdered Mugur. The release of the movie was on February 7.

“There was a strong selection in Balkan competition, and it was very difficult for the jury to choose only one film. But the award is given to Radu Jude’s “Uppercase Print” for its experimental and unconventional approach to Romanian recent history.”

Acasa, My Home” by Radu Ciorniciuc won the Best Documentary AwardRomanian movies awarded at 2021 Sofia International Film Festival

The jury included the director Lech Kowalski, the consultant Tue Steen Muller from Denmark, and the producer Natasha Dack Ojumu from the UK.

The jury stated: “Really intimate approach of the filmmaker – this privileged access along with the complexity of the issues, and the questions the film raises about family and the environment among other things made this film a winner.”

For instance, the documentary presents the story of nine children and their parents who live in perfect harmony with nature in the wilderness. They lived there for 20 years until the authorities obligate them to adapt to a new life in Bucharest. Sadly, the movie presents scenes of animal cruelty and child neglect. For almost 4 years, Radu Ciorniciuc chased the case of Enache’s family. After a while, he made a shocking discovery of the efforts of the family members to adapt to the jungle of a big city. The parents, Gica and Niculina lived in extreme poverty with their children. Ciorniciuc captures their transition from wildlife to urban life.

Movies nominated for Oscars

“Quo Vadis, Aida?” is the coproduction Bosnia and Herzegovina-Austria-Romania-Netherlands-Germany, Poland, France-Norway- Turkey won The Best Balkan Film Award. This year, the movie received a nomination at the Oscars for the Best International Features Film category. Similarly, the Romanian documentary “Collective” had a nomination for 2021’s Oscar from March 15th. Alexander Nanau’s documentary had two nominations for the categories: Best Foreign Language Film and Best Documentary Feature.

“The pride is more that this story is crucial when many countries are dealing with manipulative, corrupt and incompetent politicians.”, said the director of “Collective,”.

Sofia International Film Festival is the greatest film festival in Bulgaria. In general, it is accredited by FIAPF. As a result, the Balkan festival is in the top 50 unmissable film events worldwide. This year, the 25th edition brought two Romanian movies awarded at the 2021 Sofia International Film Festival. The 2020’s edition of the festival split into two parts released in June and September amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Overall, in 2021, the ceremony was both online and offline.


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