Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at BAFTA’s 2021

The gala for BAFTA’s 2021 is one of the first public events that actually takes place under close to normal circumstances. After the pandemic has influenced everything related to public galas, it is time to get slowly back to normal. The event that takes place every year at London’s Royal Albert Hall finally allows celebrities to display spectacular outfits and receive their awards.

Amongst the celebrities at the gala, we cannot miss Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. The beautiful couple is famous for their public display of affection and never hold back from holding hands or share a kiss. Recently, the couple has celebrated two-year anniversary from their wedding. Down the memory lane, everyone still remembers the spectacular dress and entrance Priyanka Chopra has had at her wedding. They take advantage of every moment spent together and share their feelings and appreciation towards each other on social media.

They catch the public’s eye wherever they go. We can say the same about this event as well. The Bollywood actress chooses a quite simple but eye-catching outfit. It features a cherry flower print shirt with high collar and unbuttoned front. She pairs the spectacular top with white trousers and matches the outfit with pointed black heels. Moreover, in terms of jewels, she goes for a plunging necklace with blue beaded ornaments.

They have a great appearance at BAFTA’s 2021!

The singer, Nick Jonas, chooses a simple black and white tuxedo. He has not been able to take his eyes off of his beautiful wife. As a display of affection, he goes on and gives her a kiss on the cheek. This adds to all the moments the young couple display their affection and love. Lately, they have shared lovely messages for each other on social media to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

BAFTA's 2021

Moreover, Nick Jonas has called his wife “his muse”, in a recent interview. He also says every time he gets the chance how lucky he feels to be married to Priyanka. The singer speaks highly of her and says she is the source of most of his inspiration when writing new songs. Priyanka also speaks in an interview with Oprah Winfrey about her relationship and marriage with Nick Jonas. During the talk, she describes the beginning of their relationship and how everything started. They also declare that the lockdown has actually helped them consolidate their relationship and spend more time together.

Thankfully, everyone hopes are high that the pandemic will slowly go away and more galas like the BAFTA’s 2021 will be organized. It has been a first step forward. The audience finally has the chance to see the celebrities they love walking down the red carpet in amazing outfits and display their affection.

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