Lionel Messi: Will He Stay or Will He Leave Barcelona?

The news that Lionel Messi intends to leave football team Barcelona has made quite some noise. Everyone who knows something about sports and football in general knows that Messi has always played for FC Barcelona. He is probably the player who has performed for the same team for longest time. His talent and contribution to team’s performance and reputation are undeniable. Therefore, the news is not a good one, not only for the team but also for fans.

When Lionel Messi has told his family about his intention of leaving Barcelona, even his family has received it as a sad news. According to sources, everyone involved in the conversation has ended up being in tears about Messi’s decision. However, the move is still not clear whether it will happen or not. His value on transfer market is probably the highest recorded so far. That means a move from FC Barcelona is possible only if the Argentinian decides to leave free of contract.

How it all started: Lionel Messi and his decision

The story about Messi’s decision to leave starts at the end of last summer. A clause in his contract says that he has to inform the club about an intention of leaving before the end of the season. He informs the football club through all legal and formal ways. However, the situation starts to complicate when officials of the team announce that Messi has not respected the deadline and his request has arrived too late.

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This is the point when the whole plot starts to get more complicated. The team is also struggling internally, with some changes still ongoing at the managerial level. Moreover, a possible legal battle between Messi and the club can happen at any time. In order to avoid any scandal and negative attention from the media, Messi decides to stay with FC Barcelona, however unhappy with his decision.

Additionally, there have been rumors about a possible contract between Messi and PSG. The French football team has always expressed their intention openly about Lionel Messi joining the team. All these speculations together with the tensions gathered at Barcelona related to appointing a new team president, make the Argentinian seems like the villain in this story.

What will happen next?

Fans have also noticed the tension inside the team. Moreover, they are not happy about the way the managers have chosen to handle the leave of other former Barcelona players, such as Luis Suarez. There is still a disconnection between management level and football players. Still, Messi has decided to stay with the team at least for this season and is slowly getting back to playing to the high level he used to.

It is still to be seen what will happen when this season ends. Will Lionel Messi stay with Barcelona and leave this story behind? The election of the new team president will probably value a lot in his decision. Therefore, it is still uncertain what will happen next.

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