Google Fit App- Updates and Features

Google Fit App announces updates and new ways to use it. These will include features that are able to measure your heart and respiratory rate. You don’t need any other device, like a smartwatch. The update simply uses your Google smartphone’s camera to read and analyze your heart rate.

Pixel phones designed by Google already have special sensors that are able to read chest movement, how fast you breathe and color changes in your fingers to detect your heart rate. Therefore, the updates will be available at the moment only for Pixel phones. These two useful tools will be available for all other Android devices within six months. Both of them are available through the Google Fit App and will include guidance about how to set up camera for accurate results.

How do Google Fit App updates work?

To measure respiratory rate is similar to taking a selfie. The user holds the front camera so that their head and upper torso are in view. The next step is to breathe normally for around 30 seconds. During this time, the camera analyzes the way your chest moves up and down. As easy as that, the user is able to find out its respiratory rate and whether it fits within health parameters.

For the measurement of heart rate, the user places his finger on the camera. Afterwards, special sensors detect heartbeats and color of the blood related to any change in volume. This is a first approach that Google tries for an accurate detection of heart rate. However, the company has announced it is looking into a new feature that uses color changes in face for measuring heart rate.

Once the measurements are done, the user can save them on the app and compare results with previous ones. A summary will be displayed in order to understand better if there are any changes in your heart or respiratory rate. These features are useful from a wellness perspective and not from a medical one. Therefore, Google advices its users no to use these results as a diagnosis.

Heart and respiratory rate are functions that every user of a smartwatch or health device is interested in. Especially to those more active and fitness enthusiasts. Google developers say these features are now available to everyone who uses an Android phone, even to those who are not willing to invest in a smartwatch.  There is a raising trend to continuously monitor and be informed about our health. Consequently, people invest more in devices such as smartphones or smartwatches that allows them to track their activity and health.

Google Fit App is just one of the many examples that are on the market. Every smartphone developer has its own application that tracks its users’ health and activity. There are more updates on schedule and features to make it more user friendly and trustworthy.

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