Formula 1 Teams in 2021 Season

Transfer market and changes are all done in Formula 1 teams for the opening season. It is time to hit the start button for a fresh chapter with new races, tracks and points to win. There have been made some changes worth mentioning from teams changing their names to drivers switching teams or fresh talents entering the Formula 1 grid. The constant rumors have kept everyone on the edge waiting for official decisions.

The 2021 season is one that will definitely keep fans alert. Major changes have been made. Also, the new circuits added will make everything even more interesting and captivating. The action is just getting started with the first race that has taken place at the end of March. It is still unclear whether the races will be stopped due to the pandemic or if fans will be allowed on the circuit.

The most speculated question has been about Lewis Hamilton’s future at Mercedes. The seven-time champion has been negotiating with his team. Taking into account his performance and points gathered for the team, Lewis Hamilton has raised the bar and asked for more. Mercedes has eventually announced that the British driver will stay with the team for one more year. The team is same as last year, with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas racing for Mercedes.

What about the other Formula 1 Teams?

Closely to the last season’s ending, Ferrari has announced that Sebastian Vettel will leave the team at the end of 2020 season. It was clear that there are going to be significant changes across the grid and negotiations will be held. The four-time champion Vettel has signed with former team Racing Point, now under the name of Aston Martin. Alongside him is Lance Stroll, as part of the same team. Everyone’s expectations are high from Aston Martin team, considering the changes made.

The Italian team Ferrari has also gone through changes. Charles Leclerc is staying with the team until 2024 at least. Now that Vettel has left the red team, Leclerc will become the first driver, with Carlos Sainz as the new driver for Ferrari. There is clear competition between the two drivers, Leclerc and Sainz, as they are both young and willing to prove what they are capable of.

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There have been changes made at Red Bull as well. Although Max Verstappen has signed a contract extension until 2023, there is a new teammate for him. The Mexican driver Sergio Perez will join him and race for Red Bull. Alex Albon, the former driver of the team, will remain as a reserve driver. The change has taken into account performances of both drivers and apparently Albon has not been able to impress too much during last season.

More changes on the horizon

In addition to these changes there are:

  • McLaren team has signed Daniel Ricciardo to join Lando Norris in a run for points. With Carlos Sainz departure to Ferrari, the team has had to look for a promising driver who could join them and give his best on the circuit.
  • Renault team will change its name to Alpine and will bring back the two-time champion Fernando Alonso who will race alongside Esteban Ocon.
  • Alpha Tauri team will bring a new driver to the team. Yuki Tsunoda will join Pierre Gasly. The team has great expectations from these two young talented drivers with great performances last season.
  • Alfa Romeo has not done any changes. The team is still betting on Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi.
  • Hass team brings two new figures in the garage. It is about Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher. The young talents have taken a jump from Formula 2 and are ready to drive against the legends of Formula 1.
  • Williams team is staying same as previous season with George Russell and Nicholas Latifi.

Now that all changes are in place and the schedule is made, everyone expects to see how the races will be. Formula 1 teams are promising as always and all eyes are on drivers and teams.

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