Changes before Spanish GP: Verstappen joins Red Bull

The 2016 season of Formula 1 is full of surprises. There have been announced changes at the Red Bull team. After the last races and events that have taken place since the beginning of the season, the team has decided Verstappen joins Red Bull for the remaining races. The hopes are high as the change is expected to improve Red Bull’s standing on the grid.

Verstappen is the youngest driver of Formula 1

His evolution in the sport has been carefully analyzed. His performance has helped make the move from the Toro Rosso team to a bigger player, Red Bull. Starting with the Spanish Grand Prix, we will see him driving alongside Daniel Ricciardo in a run for points for the new team. The Dutch young talent has had an outstanding performance and that has helped him to be observed. On the other side, Daniil Kvyat will be rejoining Toro Rosso and drive together with Carlos Sainz for points. The Russian driver is already familiar with the team and he should see the change as an opportunity to get back into his best shape. As both teams, Red Bull and Toro Rosso are part of the Red Bull Racing flagship, flexibility allows drivers to be moved around the two teams.

Verstappen joins Red Bull

Kvyat’s performance and recent events that took place at the Russian Grand Prix put him on a blacklist. The driver thumbed into Vettel’s car, pushing him into the wall and forcing him to exit the race. His teammate from Red Bull, Ricciardo, also had to suffer from this incident after Vettel bumped into his car unwillingly. He crossed the finish line in 11th place. Kvyat had to take the consequences of his actions and apologize for the incident.

Red Bull had to seize the opportunity and move Verstappen up to the main team

Rumors have been that other teams may be interested in the Dutch driver. Therefore, they had to give Max a little motivation to keep him in the family. As he is one of the most-watched drivers at the moment- because of his great performance so far and his young age- offers could come up and other teams may want him.

What could happen next at Red Bull and what should we watch out for? Max Verstappen is probably one of the most ambitious drivers. His desire to prove his worth has increased his rankings and his value in Formula 1. Now that Max Verstappen joins the Red Bull main team and drives alongside Ricciardo for points, things will get interesting inside Red Bull’s garage. They are both young drivers and want to prove their best. We will see a competition inside the team and it is still to be said who will prove to be the best.

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