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The importance of financial education

The importance of financial education

Covid-19 put in danger millions of lives and also drove much more into a financial crisis. On the other hand, the pandemic taught us a critical lesson: The importance of

google fit app

Google Fit App- Updates and Features

Google Fit App announces updates and new ways to use it. These will include features that are able to measure your heart and respiratory rate. You don’t need any other

british pound forecast

British Pound Forecast

Currencies are easily influenced by every small event, political, economic or social. They can grow in value or decrease. The British pound forecast has been very unpredictable during the last


Cryptocurrency forecasts 2020

The famous founder of the software company, McAfee, John McAfee, managed to make an estimate, writing on one of the social networks that at the end of 2020, Bitcoin will

pokemon go

Pokemon Go revolutionizes the game industry

Young people are well too familiar with Pokemon and TV series with the same name. They grew up with it. So, there is no surprise that when Niantic announced a