Best Moments at Grammy Awards 2021

This year’s Grammys has been different than the rest. Latest events and the pandemic have affected the way the ceremony has been held. The best moments at Grammy in 2021 have compensated for the difficult circumstances in which the event has been organized. The award giving ceremony felt more like a very exclusive event. The audience and people allowed to attend have been scraped to a minimum to follow the rules imposed by government.

Even though the event itself has been organized differently, the ceremony has had its own portion of good and bad moments.

Here is a list of some of the best moments at Grammy Awards this year:

  • Beyonce has won the award for the Best R&B Performance. She has reached the number of 28 Grammy Awards in total, making her the female singer with the most awards won. She has set a new record and raised the bar high for all other artists.
  • Dua Lipa’s performance has brought the disco trend back to life. Everything from her dance moves to costume colors and design, have been a celebration of shimmering lights and sparkles. Although the choreography has been simple with nothing out of the ordinary, it brought a specific charm and color to the event.
  • Taylor Swift has had a fairytale inspired theme performance. She has sung songs from her latest album “Folklore”. Her vocal performance has been great. Together with the themed decor that has been set up on the scene, her overall presence at the ceremony has brought life and enhancement. She has also won the award for Album of the Year. Taylor is the first female singer to win this award three times, setting a record in the industry.
  • Another performance worth mentioning has been the one for the In-Memoriam category. Brittany Howard has put up a performance together with Chris Martin playing the piano. Together, they have brought back to our memory the song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Her powerful voice and presence on the stage infused the song with a gospel flavor. She has brought a whole new interpretation of the original song.

This year’s Grammy Awards have been different

Although this year’s award ceremony has been completely different than the ones before, the event has had his share of notable moments. The best moments at Grammy mentioned before have made the evening more enjoyable and have brought on stage good performances. The ceremony has had its own important milestones, with Beyonce’s record and Tylor Swift’s performance and award for her album. There are some things that have been missed for sure, like all the elegant and glamorous outfits celebrities would have worn. There is time until the next year’s edition to take in all these performances and expect next Grammy ceremony to be just like the ones everyone is used to.

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