2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

This year has been different for everyone and for every industry. Including the fashion world. Designers have had to take into account the “work from home” trend. Spring/Summer fashion trends have had to focus on comfortable yet stylish clothes. The fashion shows have also been held differently than before: many designers and fashion capitals have chosen to focus on digital fashion shows. There was no audience allowed and the show was broadcasted online.

Even with all the events that have changed the order of things, fashion is a subject that can’t be neglected. Everyone has moved from fancy glamorous outfits to comfortable home fit clothes. With summer season just around the corner, we need to stay informed about what are the trends and what to wear.

Follow the fashion trends and designers’ advice!

In terms of colors, pastel tones are the new trend. The biggest advantage about it is that these colors- like soft lavender and light green mint- fit many skin tones. So, there is something for everyone willing to try the trend. These tones bring some sweetness in our lives. You can find many clothing pieces in these nuances, from blouses and shirts to dresses and even trousers. It is up to you to choose and mix them however they fit your style. Also, designers have created accessories with these tones. Bags, hats and headscarves, all ready to help you have a colorful summer.

fashion trends

Another trend which has to be included on the list is crop tops. They are a great option and can complete any outfit. They definitely embrace many styles and can be included in casual outfits with a bit of office style or even a sportier, beach perfect outfit. A crop top goes perfectly with an oversized blazer on top when the weather is a bit colder. The ones with puff sleeves are worthy to be worn with a skirt or pair of trousers that enhance the crop top. They come in many colors and styles, with embellishments or puff sleeves, with or without straps.

Colors, accessories and scarfs

Now that we have talked about colors, accessories and tops, we have to talk as well about trousers. And nothing screams comfort and fashion trend than the wide-leg trousers. Designers have challenged themselves to bring us wide-leg trousers in all styles, such as office, cargo or cropped culottes. They are certainly easy to wear and easy to combine with a variety of tops and blouses. You can choose a bralette or crop top, or go for lacy blouses for a more feminine look.

All these Spring/Summer fashion trends are just a part of the catalog. Each designer has come with his proposal for what and how to wear this season. However, these are the easiest to adapt and can fit mostly anyone. If you choose to follow them and include them in your wardrobe, you will definitely have an inspired outfit. Whichever style you pick as your favorite, remember to accessorize the mask with it as well.

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